Cheryl spent eight days at sea, crossing the Atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Lisbon,
Portugal (April 2 – 10). The ship weighed 113,000 tons and barely rocked when hit
with stormy waves, but it was an opportunity to experience certain aspects of a
sailor’s life during the Age of Sail.

In late September 1813, Fly Austen, now a captain, is ordered back to the American coast as England’s Royal Navy has suffered a series of humiliating defeats. Forced to return to sea with a skeleton crew, Fly persuades a reluctant Leander Braden to accompany him one last time. Emily, realizing the plan is to leave her in Portsmouth with Leander’s aunt, disguises herself as a man and steals aboard Fly’s frigate, where she is tormented by his passengers.

Meanwhile, young Magpie is captured by a press gang and hustled aboard a hostile ship, only to find himself in the dangerous company of Thomas Trevelyan, the English traitor who escaped incarceration on a prison hulk. A shipwreck, a mutiny, and a bloody encounter with American ships on the Atlantic inflict devastating consequences on all.