Cheryl, I must congratulate you on your prowess as a speaker and presenter. Your teaching background comes through in the way you interacted with your audience and quizzed us and made us part of all the background historical details which you had garnered. You kept our attention throughout.
– Allan Simpson, Hanover Probus, September 2015

It was our privilege to have had you as our Guest Speaker on Monday, and I must say that the warmth of our members in great part emanated from your personable and friendly demeanour!

WOW, what a fantastic presentation, and so well received – In my two years of looking after program/speakers, I have not seen our membership respond so fondly to a speaker!

The quiz was fun, your topic was of great interest, the history of “three squares,” “slush fund” et al was a real bonus, and your knowledge of your subject was most impressive.

And, as Paul Sheppard, our retired English Teacher said “It’s especially nice to see a person use the English language properly.”
– Don Cooper, Brockville Men’s Probus, June 2015

Heard so many positive comments re: you and your talk. Everyone learned so much on Monday, a real treat for all. I also was so impressed with you as a speaker.
– Vera Skitch, Grand River Women’s Probus Club, June 2015

It was a real delight to have you with us on Wednesday. The most common comment was “if I had her for a history teacher I would have paid a lot more attention.”
– Milton Barry, Peterborough Probus, October 2014

On behalf of the Probus Club of Ottawa-Rideau, I want to thank you most sincerely for giving us such an excellent presentation today. We are particularly grateful to you and your family for travelling all this way to and from Bracebridge. Personally, I found your talk to be an object lesson on how to engage an audience and to keep them interested. It certainly worked on us. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with naval research, or more information about Portsmouth.
– Mike Taylor, Ottawa Rideau Valley Probus, August 2014

On behalf of the Probus Club of Bradford thank you so very much for your presentation today. It was very well received. I was watching our members during your presentation & could see that you had their full attention! Enjoyed the stories on the origins of everyday phrases & life aboard (circa) 1812 sailing vessels. Particularly liked the way you interacted with your audience.  I am looking forward to reading your book.
– Brian Fuller, Bradford Probus Club, September 2013